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Developer - Nial Peters

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Built on top of Python’s excellent matplotlib plotting library, AvoPlot is a graphical plotting tool designed for visualising and analysing scientific data. In addition to providing a graphical user interface to many of the capabilities of matplotlib, it also provides a plug-in framework, allowing users to extend its standard feature set to meet their specific requirements. Plug-ins can be written both to import different data sets (e.g. binary data), and to provide analysis tools for working with them (e.g. fitting routines, background subtraction etc.).

Since version 14.01 AvoPlot also includes a scripting interface which mimics matplotlib’s pyplot interface. This will allow users to easily move from using matplotlib’s plot viewer to using AvoPlot instead.

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        AvoPlot: An extensible scientific plotting tool based on matplotlib
        Author: Nial Peters 
        E-mail: njp39@cam.ac.uk