Marching Cubes

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This document describes an algorithm for creating a polygonal surface representation of an isosurface of a 3D scalar field. A common name for this type of problem is the so called “marching cubes” algorithm. It combines simplicity with high speed since it works almost entirely on lookup tables. PyMCubes 0.0.6


PyMCubes is an implementation of the marching cubes algorithm to extract isosurfaces from volumetric data. The volumetric data can be given as a three-dimensional NumPy array or as a Python function f(x, y, z). The first option is much faster, but it requires more memory and becomes unfeasible for very large volumes.

PyMCubes also provides a function to export the results of the marching cubes as COLLADA (.dae) files. This requires the PyCollada library.

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