OpenStreetmap on Garmin

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wget -O gmapsupp.img


Mkgmap is a command line utility that converts OpenStreetMap data into vector maps that can be loaded onto a Garmin GPS device. It does the conversion in one step without depending on any other program. Mkgmap only supports the OSM map data format.

Mkgmap main features

  • Creates maps for Garmin GPS devices using OSM data
  • Full control which OSM data is integrated into the map (style system)
  • Full control how POIs, streets and all other elements are displayed (TYP file compiler)
  • Full address search support
  • Routing support
  • Many options for fine control over the map creation process App Site


  • Generates a map directly from a file saved from JOSM or from an extract of the main OSM planet file.
  • Converts several .osm files in one run of the program to create a map tile set.
  • Creates a .tdb file and an overview map that can be used to view the maps in MapSource or QLandkarte.
  • Creates a gmapsupp.img file that can be copied directly to an SD card.
  • Can also combine previously produced .img files into one gmapsupp.img file.
  • Create a .tdb and overview map from previously produced .img files.
  • The mapping between OSM features features in the Garmin map can be customised.
  • Transliteration of characters to ascii where that is possible to enable viewing on low end devices or for international maps.
  • Character set can be specified for display on capable GPS devices.
  • Control over the zoom levels that any feature appears at. mkgmap tutorial

Geofabrik North America



        mkgmap --input-file=colorado-latest.osm.pbf --gmapsupp






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south dakota


You successfully requested a Garmin map on

Below you find a link to a webpage that shows the current status of your request.

Tue Sep 27 10:07:12 MDT 2016

map status

Your request for a Garmin map on is ready.

The server has generated four different configurations of your map:

         _windows.exe = Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/MapSource (Windows). = Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/RoadTrip (Mac OSX) = Combined image for direct manual placement on the GPS device (gmapsupp.img) = A zip file containing the tiles in the request, especially useful for Linux users (e.g. QLandkarte)
        [TXT] tiles.txt                    2016-09-27 18:09  1.7K  
        Contains a list of tile numbers that are used for the maps in this directory.
        [   ]    2016-09-27 18:15  745M  
        Compressed file that contains the tiles and overview map. This is useful for applications like Qlandkarte and Linux users.
        [   ] 2016-09-27 18:14  701M  
        Compressed file that contains a single image that can be placed directly onto the SD-card of the GPS.
        [   ] 2000.typ                     2016-04-09 16:54   14K  
        The Garmin TYP file used for this map.