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Kee Klamp and Kee Lite pipe railing fittings

Kee Klamp and Kee Lite pipe railing fittings can be used to build pipe railing or just about any rigid pipe structure. Kee Access is used to build ADA compliant pipe railings and handrails.


Kee Lite Fittings

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simplifiedbuilding.com Kee Lite Fittings

Kee Lite pipe and handrail fittings are structural pipe fittings made from anodized aluminum. Kee Lite pipe fittings are about half the weight of galvanized Kee Klamp fittings and have a clean, modern look. These fittings can be used to build aluminum pipe railings and other pipe-based structures.

Steel, Aluminum and PVC Pipe

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Steel, Aluminum and PVC Pipe is sold in per foot lengths, full lengths and bundles. Bundles and per foot lengths can be shipped UPS and full lengths of pipe are delivered via truck freight. Pipe is sold in sizes to accommodate our Kee Klamp steel fittings and Kee Lite aluminum fittings. Click on the (?) to the left on the “Size” menu to see a complete guide to pipe and fitting sizes.

Diamond Aluminum Company

Diamond Aluminum Company has been manufacturing structural aluminum slip fittings in Ohio since 1957.

Diamond Aluminum produces strong lightweight structural slip on fittings and provides schedule 40 aluminum pipe. The fittings and pipe combined together are a very vestal building material and are a great alternative to expensive and complex welding and pipe bending. With a few hours time, a hex wrench and a hack saw one or two people can complete projects that would take twice as long with other more traditional metal working. Our products have been used all over the world in a variety of different types of projects. From handrails at a local amusement park, to work stands for recumbent trikes, and complex scaffolding used by military aircraft designers and maintainers almost anything is possible.


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Miscellaneous Pipe & Fitting Applications

Hollaender provides fittings and pipe, often in a pre-engineered kit form, to for a myriad of applications. These fittings and kits can be for simply attaching tubular components, or for providing handrail around larger products such as tanks and machine tools. Typical structural and non-structural applications are:

  • Animal Enclosures
  • Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Toys
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Solar Panel Support
  • Graphics Displays
  • Marine

The list, and applications, are endless. Our fittings can be used on whatever challenge your imagination and creativity have to offer.

We will also provide sample fittings free of charge to help designers in their design process.

Speed-Rail - Slip-On Pipe Fittings


Nurail.com is an authorized distributor of Nurail® products. Nurail® is a registered trademark of the Hollaender Manufacturing Company.

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Metropolitan Pipe stocks everything you need to start of your project with Nurail® fittings. Handrails, guardrails, playgrounds and carts, store fixtures, offshore petro/chemical, industrial plants, racking systems, warehouses, health & medical buildings, portable structures, recreational areas, amusement parks, film, public works and much, much more.

Whether you’re designing a playground, queue rail, material handling cart or railing around the Space Shuttle launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center, Hollaender and Metropolitan Pipe has a mechanical fitting system to meet your needs. Our products and services are now the standard for quality in a broad range of industries.


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Architectural Pipe and Tube Handrail Fittings and Custom Handrail Bending Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Handrail Fittings, Metal Pipe Caps, Flanges and More!


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