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S.M. Stirling is a Canadian-American author of science fiction, fantasy and alternate history novels. He writes The Fifth Millennium, Draka, Raj Whitehall, The Change and several other series. He has also written for series he didn’t create, such as Terminator 2, The Ship Who Sang, Riftwar and others. His books focus on military-based cultures, cultural values, technology and strong female characters.

S.M. Stirling became a published author in 1985 with the novel Snowbrother, beginning his Fifth Millennium series. Below is a list of S.M. Stirling’s books in order of when they were originally published:

Fifth Millennium Books

  • Snowbrother (1985)
  • The Sharpest Edge
  • The Cage (1989)
  • Shadow's Son (1991)
  • Saber and Shadow (1992)

Draka Books

  • Marching Through Georgia (1988)
  • Under the Yoke (1989)
  • The Stone Dogs (1990)
  • Drakon (1996)
  • Drakas! (2000)