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Winston Mawdsley Graham OBE (30 June 1908 – 10 July 2003) was an English novelist best known for the Poldark series of historical novels set in Cornwall. He also wrote many other novels, including thrillers and historical novels.

The Poldark novels

  • 1945 - Ross Poldark (original U.S. title: The Renegade)[19]
  • 1946 - Demelza
  • 1950 - Jeremy Poldark (original U.S. title: Venture Once More)[20]
  • 1953 - Warleggan (original U.S. title: The Last Gamble)[21]
  • 1973 - The Black Moon
  • 1976 - The Four Swans
  • 1977 - The Angry Tide
  • 1981 - The Stranger from the Sea
  • 1983 - Poldark's Cornwall (non-fiction)
  • 1982 - The Miller's Dance
  • 1984 - The Loving Cup
  • 1990 - The Twisted Sword
  • 2002 - Bella Poldark
    • ## - Finding A Hero Poldark: Finding A Hero by Lorie Byrd If fantasy is your favorite, Game of Thrones has the immensely popular hero Jon Snow, as well as the more unconventional hero, Tyrion Lannister. Sure Tyrion likes to booze it up, and there was that nasty business about killing his father, but his father was really super mean, and for the most part, Tyrion is compassionate and kind and always aspires to do the right thing. He gets extra points for being really funny, too. Horror fans can find a conventional hero in southern lawman Rick Grimes or a more unlikely hero in badass, redneck Daryl Dixon, on The Walking Dead. Daryl, who eats squirrel and apparently isn’t a fan of shampoo, isn’t the stereotypical hero, but he has the essential attributes — especially bravery and loyalty. My favorite hero of television today, though, by far, is Ross Poldark. Poldark is a historical fiction series based on 12 novels written by author Winston Graham over 70 years ago. The books were the basis of a very successful British television series in the 1970s. They have been recently reborn in a BBC One version featuring actor Aidan Turner.