John C Wright

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The Golden Oecumene Trilogy

  • THE GOLDEN AGE (novel) Tor Books (April, 2002)
  • THE PHOENIX EXULTANT (novel) Tor Books (April, 2003)
  • THE GOLDEN TRANSCENDENCE (novel) Tor Books (November, 2003)

The Books of Everness

  • LAST GUARDIANS OF EVERNESS (novel) Tor Books (August, 2004)
  • MISTS OF EVERNESS (novel) Tor Books (March, 2005)

The Chronicles of Chaos

  • ORPHANS OF CHAOS (novel) Tor Books (November, 2005)—Nominated for a Nebula
  • FUGITIVES OF CHAOS (novel) Tor Books (November, 2006)
  • TITANS OF CHAOS (novel) Tor Books (April, 2007)

A.E. van Vogt’s Null-A

  • NULL-A CONTINUUM (novel) Tor Books (May, 2008)

The Count to the Eschaton Sequence

  • COUNT TO A TRILLION (novel) Tor Books (December, 2011)
  • THE HERMETIC MILLENNIA (novel) Tor Books (December, 2012)
  • JUDGE OF AGES (novel) Tor Books (February 2014)
  • ARCHITECT OF AEONS (novel) Tor Books (April, 2015)
  • VINDICATION OF MAN (novel) Tor Books (forthcoming)
  • COUNT TO INFINITY (novel) Tor Books ( forthcoming)

A Tale of the Unwithering Realm

  • SOMEWHITHER (novel) Castalia House (July, 2015)
  • NOWHITHER (novel) Castalia House (forthcoming)

Tales of Moth and Cobweb

  • GREEN KNIGHT’S SQUIRE (novel) Castalia House
  • SWAN KNIGHT’S SON (Book One) (August, 2016)
  • FEAST OF THE ELFS (Book Two) (September, 2016)
  • SWAN KNIGHT’S SWORD (Book Three) (October, 2016)
      • DARK AVENGER’S SIDEKICK (novel) Castalia House (forthcoming)
      • DAUGHTER OF DANGER (Book One)
      • CITY OF CORPSES (Book Two)
      • TITHED TO TARTARUS (Book Three)
      • MAD SCIENTIST’S INTERN (novel) Castalia House (forthcoming)
      • GHOSTLY FATHER’S NOVICE (novel) Castalia House (forthcoming)
      # Books ## THE GOLDEN AGE (novel) Tor Books (April, 2002)
              ISBN-10: 0765336693
              ISBN-13: 978-0765336699