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  • Exterminating Angels (co-written with Peter Busby as Peter Dunant), 1984
  • Intensive Care (co-written with Peter Busby as Peter Dunant), 1986
  • Snow Storms in a Hot Climate, 1988
  • Birthmarks, 1991
  • Fatlands, 1993
  • The War of the Words: The Political Correctness Debate, 1994
  • Under My Skin, 1995
  • The Age of Anxiety, 1997
  • Transgressions, 1997
  • Mapping the Edge, 1999
  • The Birth of Venus, 2003
  • In the Company of the Courtesan, 2006
  • Sacred Hearts, 2009
  • Blood and Beauty, 2013
  • In the Name of the Family, 2017 Sinner and saint

The dark, wild tale of Radegunda, a captured queen who becomes the founding abbess of a convent in the dark ages, helped Sarah Dunant while she was researching her own novel about nuns in 16th-century Italy

I first read Julia O’Faolain’s vibrant and strange Women in the Wall two years ago, just before I started writing my own novel about nuns in a 16th-century Italian convent. I had come out of a year incarcerated in libraries and archives in Britain and Italy, and my head was reeling with wondrous and terrifying images and ideas. Most writers will relate to that feeling of panic as you put away the notebooks and move to the keyboard, and I thought O’Faolain’s journey into a darker, wilder moment of history - the political and religious chaos of sixth-century Gaul, and the life of Radegunda, who began as captured queen to King Clotair and ended as the founding abbess of a convent in Poitiers, and a Meravingian saint - might just help.