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Extract,import,clear trip logs - Creating Custom POI Files

Advanced users can create their own .csv and .gpx files that contain Custom POIs (points of interest) for use on compatible Garmin devices with MP3 players. Both .csv and .gpx files are loaded to the device using the Garmin POI Loader application. After processing the files, POI Loader uploads a single file called Poi.gpi to the device. - Archived trip logs on Garmin nuvis

But did you know you can go back and view 200,000 points worth of data? Well, it’s all there, under Garmin/GPX/Archive.

Question: What is a trip log and how does it work on a nuvi or zumo device?

Answer: Trip logs are points automatically stored when the GPS device is locked onto a satellite signal and moving. It is the electronic equivalent of laying down a “breadcrumb trail” to mark the path that has been traveled.

Your nuvi or zumo can store 10,000 points before it begins the process of archiving additional logs.* Beyond 10,000 points the device moves the oldest trip data into an internal archive file. Up to 20 archive files can be stored internally on the unit. This means, depending on space available, that the device can store over 200,000 points of trip data.

Is there any good travel logging Garmin? - Is there any good travel logging Garmin?

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