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Want high music quality. flac, mp3 files.

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Here you’ll find all mobile players known to natively support Vorbis.

When updating this information, please consider these guidelines: Use the term Vorbis not OGG (Ogg is the container format, Vorbis is the codec name). Add information about other Xiph-codecs such as Speex, FLAC, and Theora. Do not add information about non-Xiph-codecs such as MP3, WMA, or WAV.

FiiO x3

$200 at amazon Fiio X3 24Bit/192K Lossless Mastering Quality Music Player w/ Sandisk 64GB External MicroSD Memory & Coaxial Connection Kit

iBasso DX50

iBasso DX50 page

iBasso DX50 - $197 at amazon prime

  • Audio Formats Supported: APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, OGG, MP3
  • User Replaceable Battery(Compatible With Samsung S3), 14hours Play Time
  • Bit Perfect, Support up to 24Bit/192kHz
  • WM8740 24Bit DAC Chip
  • Built-in 9V Voltage Swing Headphone AMP
  • Support SDXC and SDHC MicroSD card, up to 2TB

WM8740 24Bit DAC Chip

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Cayin N3 at Cayin

Bin Liang, CEO of Zhu Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., parent company of Cayin, said “We have packed our class leading digital audio technologies into a very compact package. The new DAP is designed around the AK4490EN DAC chipset from AKM. It will support all common digital music format upto 24Bits/192kHz or native decode DSD up to 11.2Mhz (DSD256). The N3 can work as a USB-DAC to achieve high quality, high resolution audio from your desktop computer or laptop, and it can also serve as digital transport to external DAC, outputting PCM and DoP bit-stream through our unique dual digital output (Coaxial and USB-Audio) via USB Type-C connection.”

The N3 is Cayin’s new entry-level DAP. It’s packed with an AKM4490 DAC, which is one of my favorite DACs right now. Compared to the N5 (which is one of my go-to DAPs), the N3 is 40% smaller and 50% lighter. It’s rated for 12 hours continuous playback, so the N3 is set to make it through long days of listening to your favorite music. The N3 supports all common digital music formats up to 24Bits/192kHz, natively decodes DSD up to DSD256, and outputs PCM and DoP to external DACs through a unique dual digital output (Coaxial and USB-Audio via USB Type-C). With Bluetooth v4.0 and apt-X, the N3 can go wireless with latest Bluetooth speakers and headphones, making the most versatile Cayin N series DAP yet. In short, I think it’s going to be quite the versatile piece of audio kit to have around!

Nikolaus Matheis youtube Cayin N3 Walkthrough