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Local user manual

Wood Heat Stoves youtube Quadra-Fire 1100-I pellet stove insert operation and maintenance manual video

        1:00 - Automatic ignition
        1:45 - stove gets a call from the thermostat
               timers run stove until it reaches a certain temperature
               stays running by temperature and thermostat demand
               returns to times for shutdown
               red call light shows demand for heat.
        2:15 - exhaust blower comes on creating a partial vacuum in the burn-pot
               the feed motor starts and feeds a few pellets
               the ignitor comes on
               a low flame sends reading of 200deg. to the control box
               if this happens within 2 minutes the ignitor will turn off
               and the feed motor will continue to turn
               if 200deg. is not reached the feed motor will stop
               but the igniter will stay on for four more minutes
               green light comes on at 200deg. red light at 1000deg.
        3:40 - the shutdown sequence is also timed.
               thermostat call goes off, red light goes off, shutdown sequence started
               the feed motor stops
               exhaust blower runs for 8 minutes, exhausting the remaining fuel in the fire-pot
               the exhaust fan shuts off until the thermostat calls for heat.
        4:10 - convection blowers move air over the heat exchanger.
               turn on at 125deg. turn off at 105deg.
        4:40 - also 3 safety systems.
               vacuum switch turns of feed motor if door is open or exhaust is clogged
               snap disk that acts as thermostat incase the covection blowers don't start or stop.
               another snap disk shuts off if top of feed tube is over 200deg.
        5:30 - components
        6:00 - heat exchanger cover
               feed chute
               2 triangular ash pans
               heated convection air outlet
               left room air intake 
               another intake on the bottom
               side plates removable, held by allen screws
               right side top and bottom air intakes
        7:15 - hopper lid is adjustable
               right side panel exposes snap disk 2
               the thermocouple
               and small convection motor
        8:30 - left side panel is removable and exposes
               the exhaust blower and exhaust ducting
               orange convection ducting from convection blower to heat exchanger
        9:15 - left side removes with 5/32 allen wrench
               exposes the feed motor
               vacuum tube to vacuum switch
               back wall has cover giving access to the exhaust stack
               snap disk #3 on feed tube
        10:00  large convection blower
               capacitors for large convection blower and exhaust blower
               on the bottom is the combustion air inlet
        10:20  remove right side       
               2 boxes, top box is control box with temperature indicator lights
               bottom box is junction box
               on side wall is snap disc #1, controls both convection blowers
               behind this is snap disc #2, safety system for too hot
               junction box has thermocouple leads, fuse, thermostat leads
        12:10  700W of power required
               24V AC thermostat
        13:00  white (neutral) to top center terminal. red (24V) to bottom center terminal       
               fuse is standard 7 amp AGC #7 120V fuse
        13:55  restart button is beside the call light 
               when pushed, opens the thermostat circuit
               when released it restarts the automatic ignition cycle
               this only works when the thermostat is calling for heat
        15:00  system pull pellets up the feed tube from the hopper
               and drops them down the feed chute into the fire-pot
        15:30  fire-pot is made of cast ceramic
               designed with air intake holes that swirl the fire
               when there is fire in the pot, air from bottom causes cyclone of air
               a removable clean-outplug was designed into the fire-pot
        16:11  The igniter is made of cast silicon carbide ceramic material
               reaches 2500deg.
        16:50  thermocouple senses the temperature in the fire-box
               200deg. lights green light on control box
               1000deg. lights red light on control box
        17:20  Blower #1 42CFM
               delivers air to a plenum over the fire-box and out the top middle vent
        17:40  Blower #2 86CFM on the left
               delivers air through ducting and over the heat exchanger fins
               and out the bottom 2 vents in the front
               driven by 4uF capacitor on the left side of the stove
        18:20  exhaust blower access from left rear.
               pulls air out of the fire-box through the inside fins on the heat exchanger
               driven by 3uF capacitor on the left side
        18:55  Vacuum switch. vacuum tube from nipple on feed chute to the vacuum switch
               vacuum must be sensed for the feed motor to run. A safety device
        19:26  Snap disk #1 - first from the front.
               controls convection blowers. on at 125deg. off when temperature falls to 105deg.
        19:50  Snap disk #2 - second from the front. 2 yellow leads run from it
               an important safety system. opens at 250deg.
        20:20  Snap disk #3 - on the feed tube on the left side.
               turns stove off if feed tube temperature exceeds 200deg.
               pellets combust at ??
        20:55  Heat exchanger - aluminum fins in the fire-box at the right side
        21:32  Installtion tips and adjustment procedures
        23:40  Hopper adjustment for installation.
        24:18  back of hopper briefly exposed.
        24:45 - feed adjustment plate, screw just loose enough to allow adjustment
        26:20 - first fire
        26:25 - first power, blower comes on
                make sure thremostat is below room temperature
                put handful of pellets in fire pot
                close and latch door, set thermostat above room temerature
                let run for 15 min. to reach operating temperature
                2 things necesary.
                  thermocouple must read 1000deg.
                  thermostat must be calling for more heat
        27:35 - properly adjusted fire
                adjust feed adjustment plate
                check fire-pot gasket and heat exchanger clean-out door gasket
                adjust air adjustment plate
        28:54 - shows properly adjust flame - short and active
        29:03 - fire is too small
                open feed adjustment plate.
                if needed close the air adjustment
        29:43 - if glass is getting black, fire is probably too high
        30:21 - hard wood has high minerals, will generate clinkers
        31:04 - buy pellets in muti-ton lots when possible
        31:20 - troubleshooting
                what shut the stove off?
                assume the thermostat is calling for heat ahd the red call light is on.
        31:44 - look in the fire-pot to see
        31:50 - unburned pellets, stove has simply missed an ignition
        33:25 - thermocouple problems
        35:50 - door gasket inspection
        36:30 - fire pot gasket inspection
        36:45 - fire-pot wear - check for holes
        37:26 - clean the firepot
        38:29 - no cleaning of the igniter is necessary
        38:49 - small convection blower checked and cleaned every 6 months
        39:05 - large convection blower cleaned once a year
        39:20 - clean the exhaust stack
        39:50 - parts replacement
                the call light is a 28 volt AC bulb number 85 lamp if replacement is necessary remove
                24V AC thermostat. .05 amp heat anticipator
        41:15 - snap disk #1. marked F125-20
        42:00 - snap disk #2. makred L250-40
                opens at 250deg. resets when it cools down
                test by shorting
        42:35 - snap disk #3. marked L200-M
                rarely needs replacing. all power goes through it
        43:25 - convection blower #1 42cfm
        44:30 - convection blower #2 86cfm
        47:10 - the switch
        48:40 - feed system



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The Quadrafire 1100I Insert ended production on 5-10-1999 with the last serial number being 150698.

Replace Ignitor

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Installation Instructions can be found here

local copy of Quadra-Fire 1100-I ignitor installation

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