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x-seam 40” maybe

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Store in Colorado Springs

To all trike and recumbent enthusiasts,

Would you like to find other riders and discover more trails? There is a way to meet other riders and get organized through a website called My name is MaryAnn, and I learned of this website from Angletech and would like to invite you to the first of many trike group rides in Colorado Springs. This is an informal group ride, meaning we ride for fun, it’s free, and every rider supplies their own trike, helmet, and whatever else they need. The ride is on June 3rd at 8:30 am. We will meet at Angletech. The ride is about 16 miles to America the Beautiful Park and back to Angletech along the Sinton and Santa Fe trails. What you need to do is just show up. This event will be posted on the website. To find out more go to

        1)  go to
        2)  do steps for Register/Login
        3)  click confirmation email
        4)  find our group: click BROWSE GROUPS or GROUP MAP and search by state (our group is called "FRONT RANGE TRIKES AND RECUMBENTS")
        5) click on VIEW GROUP
        6) click on JOIN GROUP  (green rectangle on right hand side)
        7) wait for a confirmation ( I have to do that)

If you browse through the website, you will discover that there are riders and groups all over the US. You can meet other riders from the rides or through your profile. Any member can post an event. Hopefully, many of you will post events for others to join you.

Hope to see you on June 3rd

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Angletech Used Bikes

Sun Jan 29 07:54:04 MST 2017

        SUN USX, BRONZE $599
        BikeE RX, Anodized Red / Silver $750
        Rans Rocket. Original Square Tube Design. Green $800
        SUN EZ3-USX HD, SILVER $899
        Angletech / Rans V-2 Formula ST27, Burnished Finish $1100
        Angletech TriSpeeder, Red $1200
        Ryan Vanguard, Red $1200
        TerraTrike Tour II $1500
        Rans Stratus XP, XL, Deep Blue $1500
        Bacchetta Corsa 650, (US), M, Black $1600
        Rans Stratus XP, S, Black, Custom 650B $1999
        Angletech / Easy Racers Fold Rush GL81, Large, Black $2500

Tue Jan 31, 2017 visit

        1483 Garden of the Gods Road
        Colorado Springs, CO 80907
        Austin Bluffs exit 146
        Of Interest ahead of time. Note fit on these.
        Check on racks, panniers. trailers. fairing. fenders. lights. flags.
        SUN USX, BRONZE $599
        BikeE RX, Anodized Red / Silver $750 (try)
        Rans Rocket. Original Square Tube Design. Green $800 (try)
        SUN EZ3-USX HD, SILVER $899
        Angletech / Rans V-2 Formula ST27, Burnished Finish $1100
        Angletech TriSpeeder, Red $1200
        Ryan Vanguard, Red $1200
        TerraTrike Tour II $1500
        Rans Stratus XP, XL, Deep Blue $1500 (try)
        Lightning P38 XT. Medium, Dual Drive 72 Speed, Black $1600 (try)
        Bacchetta Corsa 650, (US), M, Black $1600
        Rans Stratus XP, S, Black, Custom 650B $1999
        Angletech / Easy Racers Fold Rush GL81, Large, Black $2500
        After test rides
        Tue Jan 31 18:46:30 MST 2017
        crashed a trike and don't like trikes
        Angletech / Rans V-2 Formula ST27, Burnished Finish $1100
        Ryan Vanguard, Red $1200
        Lightning P38 XT. Medium, Dual Drive 72 Speed, Black $1600 (try)
        Did not try, but would like to:
        Bacchetta Corsa 650, (US), M, Black $1600

Online Dealers

        Recumbent Brothers Cycles
        15180 Russell Dr,
        Peyton, CO 80831
        (719) 683-2713

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bentrideronline for sale

Craigslist feed Vintage Bike-E Recumbent Bicycle - $500

Sun Jan 29 18:22:47 MST 2017

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RANS Stratus XP

bentrideronline article by Bryan Ball RANS Stratus XP Posted on May 10, 2016

Lightning P-38

Windwrap GX/WGX Fairing

$224.00 at CycleDifferent - Windwrap GX/WGX Fairing

Rans V-2

kickstand, fairing, fenders, rack

$1100 used at CycleDifferent Angletech / Rans V-2 Formula ST27, Burnished Finish

        7075 Aluminum frame and fork. 
        Ritchey Girder ASYM R Rim / Velocity Aeroheat F Rim, 
        DT stainless spokes, 
        Ritchey Pro R / WCS F Sealed Bearing Hubs, 
        11-34 980 9 cassettte, 
        Ritchey Tom Slik R / Maxis Ringworm F tires, 
        Shimano XT R derailleur , 
        SRAM 9.0 F derailleur, 
        Dura Ace shifters on Paul Thumbie mounts, 
        Avid SL V brakes and SD7 levers, 
        Suntour Superbe Cold Forged Cranks, 170mm, 30-42-52, 
        Phil sealed BB, 
        B37 Bars, 
        AngleTech Trunk, 
        Teflon coated stainless cables, 
        901/3 Mirror.
 article RANS V2 Velocity2 (squared) Recumbent Bicycle

New in 2000 the RANS Velocity squared (also known as V-2).

This bike is designed to be the fastest RANS bike made. It probably was till the RANS Force 5 models arrived. It is a good value at under $1400, (without a fairing.) The Velocity squared got a lower price and a less expensive parts group in 2002, and it still works very well. The V-2 uses a larger diameter, thinner wall frame tubing than previous RANS models, making it stiffer without added weight. The stiffening makes the bike faster, particularly noticeable on sprints and climbs. Rotator and Lightning have used large, thin-wall tubing for some time, it is harder to work with but the ride is worth it.

Its 20” (406) front wheel fits a much larger variety of tires than the 20x1 1/8 (451) found on the Haluzak Hybrid-Race and the Easy Racers “SS” models. The 406 is available from (several) thin racing tires to fat, rugged touring tires and many types in-between, depending on the type of riding you’ll be doing this summer. On a tour you will find functional spare tires in bike shops that think “recumbent” is another name for a used bike (yes, this has happened.)

Tall riders, over 6’2” and camping tourists over 5’10” or so should consider the XL frame version. Taller riders may find reaching the handlebars to be a stretch, especially if they like to recline their seat much. The velocity squared offers comfortable high performance and a good value. collected reviews Rans Recumbents V2 Older Recumbent Bike collected reviews Rans Recumbents 2001 Velocity Squared Older Recumbent Bike

Great ride, comfortable seat, excellent choice of components. With the Mueller WindWrap in place, this is the only ride for our cold Vermont early spring/late fall seasons.

$378 for kit at RNS Long Wheelbase Fairing Kit

        Wed Feb  1 00:07:32 MST 2017
        subject: Serious about the Rans V-2
        After thinking about the rides and education from yesterday, the Rans V-2 seems to be the bike for me.
        I will call after the store opens to talk some more.
        Craig Anderson
 review thread Dinosaur review - Rans Velocity Squared article Rans V2 Formula “Promises Come True” By BRYAN J. BALL review article RANS V2 Till Death do us part? By Jose A. Hernandez


        20 inch front wheel.
        Measured 3 revolutions at 182 1/2 inch.
        So 1 revolution at 60.83 inch.
        182.5 inch = 4635.5 mm
        1545 mm per revolution

Sigma Sport BC5.12 Function Bicycle Computer

Online Manual for Sigma Sport BC5.12

$18 at amazon Sigma Sport BC5.12

Sigma Sport Product Page Sigma Sport BC5.12

Accessories on BC5.12 product page

        Universal bracket 2032 Art.-Nr. 00426
        Magnet kit Art.-Nr. 00390
        Cable for universal bracket Art.-Nr. 00424
        Universal bracket 2032 with cable Art.-Nr. 00428
 Sigma Universal Bracket Cable - 00424 CADENCE WIRE FOR UNIVERSAL BRACKET Price: $7.99

SigmaSportUSA youtube Universal Wiring Harness - SigmaSportUSA

SIGMA SPORT youtube SIGMA SPORT // BC 5.12 // Installation video (EN) UNIVERSAL WIRE MOUNT-120 cm - Price: $12.99

Compatible models include BC 5.12 - Ordered this.

CatEye Velo 7 Bicycle Computer CC-VL520 - Wired

$20 on amazon CatEye Velo 7 Bicycle Computer CC-VL520 - Wired


Articles Preferred headlight? lights behind or in front of fairing? Head light suggestions? Cateye HL-EL540 versus PlanetBike Blaze 2 Watt? Circus-bike approach to Conspicuity? RoadID High Visibility $0.87 for light mounts Lighting Investment Poll; What's your life worth? Fenix TK21 (Another headlight thread) Which lights? Best headlight for night riding Tail lights for Daylight

Headlight Products

Cygolite Metro Series

$43 at amazon Cygolite Metro 550 USB headlight

$60 at amazon Cygolite Metro 850 USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Cygolite Expilion Series

$86 at amazon Cygolite Expilion 720 USB Light

Planet Bike headlights

$20 at amazon Planet Bike Blaze 2 Watt Micro Headlight

$172 at amazon Philips BF48L20BBLX1 SafeRide Black LED Battery Driven BikeLight

$100 at amazon Light & Motion Urban 800 Lumen Bicycle Headlight

$50 at amazon CatEye Econom Force HL-EL 540-G Front bike light black - 2 AA batteries

$44 at amazon CygoLite Dash Pro 450 lm USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight

$60 at amazon MagicShine MJ-900 Front Bike Light | 1200 Lumens CREE LED | Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

Taillight rear light

How about: 3 CatEye Omni 5 ($14 each) and 1 CatEye TL-LD1100 ($35)

$14 at amazon CatEye Omni 5 Bicycle Rear Safety Light TL-LD155-R

$80 at amazon Light and Motion Vis 180 Bike Tail Light

$48 at amazon CygoLite Hotshot Pro 80 lm USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

$86 at amazon Cygolite Expilion 720 USB Light

$19 at amazon SyndeRay Lightweight Aluminium Alloy Bike Flashlight Mount Holder Clip

$18 at amazon Blitzu Ultra Bright Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

$17 at amazon Docooler® GUB 31.8MM Double Handlebar Extension Mount

$43 at amazon Serfas CP-R4 90/35 Lumen Thunderbolt Headlight/Taillight Combo

$13 at amazon Serfas USB Ultrabright Rechargeable Headlight

$35 at amazon Cateye Bike Bicycle Light Rear Light Led Taillight Lamp Flashlight TL-LD1100 Red

flashlight mount

$18 at amazon FOME Quick-release Bike Mount ALB-10

Flashlights to mount

$35 at amazon Nitecore MT2A 345 Lumens LED Flashlight w/ Bonus Premium Holster - Use 2x AA Batteries

Dynamos Lighting Systems Schmidt's Original Nabendynamo

The Schmidt Dynamo front hub or SON (Schmidt's Original Nabendynamo) is extremely reliable and has almost no drag. Made by Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau in Tübingen, Germany, the hub is quiet and is designed to give at least 50,000 kilometers of trouble free riding between servicings. The hub powers many different six volt headlights including Schmidt's own E6 halogen models, the Schmidt Edelux and Edelux II LED headlight, both halogen and LED headlamps (as well as taillights) made by Busch & Müller in Meinerzhagen, Germany, Supernova lights from Germany, and Spanninga lights from France. When your bicycle can make its own light, it becomes a reliable means of transportation, not just a toy or play thing for an afternoon's entertainment or exercise. With an automobile, you take its lights for granted. You get in the car, turn on a switch, and drive on down the road with the light you need. With the SON, you can take quality lighting on your bicycle for granted, just as you do in a car, making your bicycle just as convenient to use for everyday transportation as an automobile, but without the environmental degradation. Who knows, you may even decide that you no longer require an automobile.



Articles Flag questions: technical and opinion


cycledifferent.lightspeedwebstore CycleLights LED Flare Pole, 4ft, Disco 210000009698 $40.00

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