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I clean up the shop and make a steel storage rack. This is a request from a viewer on the best way to learn welding. TAKE A CLASS FROM A JOURNEYMAN AT YOUR LOCAL TRADE SCHOOL! You won’t learn the little stuff from a book or even a vid, you won’t learn it from a buddy who bought a Miller or Lincoln mig machine. Welding requires you to develop a feel and vision, an instructor will LITERALLY hold your hand, show you how to move your body, show you how to sling steel around and countless other things you will not easily learn on your own. Also, I’ll tell you why learning MIG is like putting training wheels on a ten-speed; it’s counter productive. LEARN STICK WELDING FIRST!

ChuckE2009 youtube Basics of Stick Welding: Teach Yourself Stick Welding!! [Part 1 of 5]

KonstantinKhizhnyak youtube Arc Welding 2 by Steve Bleile

TheProRancher youtube Welding Fabrication Basics - Part 1