Wall Tool Storage

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Online Log

Matthias Wandel youtube Not a french cleat system for organizing hand tools

Best idea ever, start here.

Matthias Wandel youtube Wall tool holders for mallets and hand planes

Matthias Wandel youtube Making wall tool holders

Last Minute Thoughts youtube Replacing My French Cleat Hand Tool Storage

Inspired by Matthias Wandel

John Heisz youtube Making A Slatwall Tool Board

Really like his strip of screw bins.

John Heisz youtube Loading Up The Tool Board

Matt Lane youtube Slat Tool Wall // Tool Holders (John Heisz Design)

Jay Bates youtube Making A Hand Tool Wall - 245

Shop built youtube Tool wall - Wrench holder

April Wilkerson youtube DIY Hand Tool Storage System

April Wilkerson youtube Organize That Shop - Three Shop Organizing Projects

Justin Depew youtube Building a Tool Wall & Tool Holders

Justin Depew youtube Finishing the Tool Wall

Elias Stratakos youtube Custom Wall Tool Holders

Luca Zerilli youtube Building of a wooden wall tool holder

Wordsnwood (Art Mulder) youtube Building a better Tool Wall (WnW #67)

Steve Carmichael youtube Cordless Tool Charging Station

Scrap wood City youtube How to make a simple DIY wall tool board