Music Thread 4

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Thebestdream I had youtube Stone the Crows - Teenage Licks 1971 (full album)

Chad Bocott youtube Stone the Crows - Stone the Crows (full album)

Thebestdream I had youtube Pacific Gas & Electric - Get It On 1968 (full album)

JIMBLUESROCK CHANNEL youtube MAGGIE BELL - Suicide Sal (Full Album)(Vinyl)

mandikhoras youtube The Pretty Things-1970- Parachute [Full Album]

ThePsychedelicGalaxy youtube The Pretty Things - S. F. Sorrow [Mono Version]

Mandi Backup youtube Pretty Things - Parachute Plus 1970 [Full Album Hd]

Kylev3 youtube The Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake (1968) (Full Album)

MichaelDFrye youtube Something Else by The Kinks, Full Album, 1967

Núria Romero Pérez youtube Syd Barrett - Barrett (1970) [Full Album]

WinterRain youtube Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs FULL Album

nuggets from the moon youtube hi flutin' (1957) FULL ALBUM herbie mann buddy collette cool jazz

nuggets from the moon youtube let's stay together (1972) FULL ALBUM jimmy mcgriff funk soul jazz organ

Hardy Blues youtube Dexter Gordon - The Mellow Sound (Full Album)

Julián Alvarez youtube Dexter Gordon - Go! (Full Album 1962)

JuanMa Torres youtube Lester Young- Lester Young Trio- FULL ALBUM 1951

Camilo Pardo youtube Lester Young & Teddy Wilson. Pres and Teddy

Jarrito Verde youtube Art Tatum & Ben Webster - The Album (1956)

Thelasttavern youtube Lester Young with the Oscar Peterson Trio

BillEvansArchive youtube Bill Evans & Chet Baker - The Legendary Sessions (1959 Album)

Thelasttavern youtube Stan Getz with Bill Evans Trio - But Beautiful

7lovejazz youtube Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba (Album)

Led Zep youtube Freddy Lindquist - Menu 1970 (FULL ALBUM) [Hard Rock/Prog Rock]

Thebestdream I had youtube Downchild Blues Band - Bootleg 1971

Lito Blues youtube Alabama Red - The Blues Never Die (1979)

Lito Blues youtube Luther Snake Boy Johnson - Lonesome In My Bedroom (1975)

Dimitris Koutsiaftis youtube Luther 'Snake Boy' Johnson ~ ''Born In Georgia'' ( Full Album ) 1972

Dimitris Koutsiaftis youtube Luther 'Snake Boy' Johnson ~ ''Chicken Shack'' ( Full Album ) 1967

Dimitris Koutsiaftis youtube Luther 'Snake Boy' Johnson ~ ''They Call Me The Snake'' ( Full Album ) 1970

Bob the Juke youtube Luther Johnson (Live in 1973 - France)

Bob the Juke youtube John Lee Hooker (w Carey Bell) - Shake It Baby & Satisfaction (Live France 1970)

Lito Blues youtube Red House – Red House (1998)

Lito Blues youtube Charlie Musselwhite - Stone Blues (1968)

Cynical Dissident youtube Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor (Full Album) (1968) ( Rock and roll, Blues, Blues Rock)

Frank Cappa marineveteranm4 youtube Harvey Mandel - Baby Batter & The Snake (1970-72) [Full Album] US Progressive Blues Rock/Hard Rock..

VibraePhase_2.0 youtube Canned Heat & Harvey Mandel -2010- live musikfestival Wohlen, CH

Joe fr youtube Canned Heat & Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown - Live At Montreux -1973

Mega Backing Tracks youtube Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at Montreux 1985 Full Concert (Remaster 96kHz.24-Bit. 1080p HD)

Bloody Sabbath youtube Universe - Universe 1971 (FULL ALBUM) [Hard | Blues Rock]

Thebestdream I had youtube The Steve Miller Band - Sailor 1968* (full album)

Thebestdream I had youtube Stone the Crows - Ode to John Law 1970 (full album)