Xenon REST Framework

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github.com/vmware/xenon Xenon - Decentralized Control Plane Framework

1.1 Xenon Highlights

Xenon is a framework for writing small REST-based services. (Some people call them microservices.) The runtime is implemented in Java and acts as the host for the lightweight, asynchronous services. The programming model is language agnostic (does not rely on Java specific constructs) so implementations in other languages are encouraged. The services can run on a set of distributed nodes. Xenon provides replication, synchronization, ordering, and consistency for the state of the services. Because of the distributed nature of Xenon, the services scale well and are highly available.

Xenon is a “batteries included” framework. Unlike some frameworks that provide just consistent data replication or just a microservice framework, Xenon provides both. Xenon services have REST-based APIs and are backed by a consistent, replicated document store.