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In the Beginning: The Future Is Now

My name is Jeff Weiss. I am the owner and formulating chemist here at Target Coatings. Many of my long time clients know the story about Target Coatings, but most of you do not know the history, the big picture as it were, of how my company, and its various brands, came to be. I hope the following information will help to fill in the blanks about what and whom Target Coatings is all about.

About Target Coatings: Water-Based Since 1988

Over the course of these many years I have come to know, in a very deep and personal way, what the phrase, “the future is now” means. In 1988 I sat at my grandfather’s lab bench and pondered how I could make a difference in both my early business career and in the lives of my customers. Growing up in a family of manufacturing chemists and small business owners I knew that making things was inherent—it just felt right. But how to be different and, at the same time, of value, was the missing element. With this question placed before me I began to research wood coatings and landed upon what was to become my life long pursuit. I knew I had to do this in not just a unique way, but in a way that few paint formulators had thought of and with materials that even fewer knew how to work with. My family taught me that the history of solvent-based manufacturing and its uses were littered with environmental and workplace hazards. This unpleasant information opened up a world of opportunity for me as my passions leaned towards environmental stewardship and workplace safety. First, whether it was in 1988 or today, I would not and will not expose others to a substance that I myself refuse to be exposed to, be it in the lab or in the workplace.

Second, waterborne technology was still in its virgin state and the opportunity to get into the water based finish arena looked ripe. So for my own sake and for the sake of my co-workers, and ultimately, my customers, I was driven to find a safer alternative to the dangerous solvents and resins that we all had been working with since the early 1940’s. This was the goal that made me move forward. The development of low VOC waterborne coatings struck a chord within me that resonates strong to this day. I knew right away that waterborne technology “was the future.”