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irrigationtutorials.com/pump article Irrigation Pump Tutorial - Selecting a Pump Type

If you’re thinking of installing a new pump, or just want to understand your existing pumping system better, this tutorial should provide you with the information you need to get started. I strongly recommend you read the whole thing. Most of the questions I get asked are answered here, all you need to do is read the whole thing. Yep, I know it’s a long read!

watertips.com/info/wells Well Irrigation Systems

There is one feature seldom found on irrigation controllers that is usually necessary to have on any system that is fed by a well. It’s called “delay between stations” and it allows you to set a variable length delay between stations to allow a well to recharge as explained below (or to allow a slow valve to close in low pressure situations). We offer two controllers with this feature; the Hunter ICC controller (delay between stations from 1 sec to 1 minute 40 sec) and the Rain Bird ESPLX series (delay between stations from 1 sec to 9 hours). The ICC controller has a “cycle and soak” feature that can be used in some circumstances to achieve longer delays between watering periods, but if your well needs long recharge times, the ESPLX series may be a better choice for you. Most wells that were not primarily designed for irrigation will provide relatively modest steady state flow rates, requiring relatively small stations, and a lot of them. It’s no coincidence that the two controllers we offer with the “delay between stations” feature are also available with a large number of stations. The ESPLX+ controller is available up to 24 stations. The ICC controller is available with up to 48 stations, although the delay between stations option limits the program to much shorter values than the ESPLX series.

We offer two controllers with this feature; the Hunter ICC controller (delay between stations from 1 sec to 1 minute 40 sec) and the Rain Bird ESPLX series (delay between stations from 1 sec to 9 hours). The ICC controller has a “cycle and soak” feature that can be used in some circumstances to achieve longer delays between watering periods, but if your well needs long recharge times, the ESPLX series may be a better choice for you.

watertips.com/info/pumps How to design a sprinkler system which uses a pump

Rain Bird ESP-LX vs Hunter I-Core

rainbird.com/ESPLXseries Rain Bird ESP-LX Series Irrigation Controllers

RainBirdCorp youtube Installing and Programming a Pump Start Relay Using an ESP-LXME

Rain Bird ESP-LXME Controller - The popular Rain Bird® ESP-LX Series commercial controllers have been enhanced to provide additional features and station capacity. The ESP-LXME Enhanced Controller offers flow sensing and management with modular station capacity from 8 to 48 stations. Station modules are available in 4-, 8- and 12-station models.

        ESP-LXD 2-Wire Decoder Controller Starter Kit Bundle
        Everything you need to set up a 15 zone Two-Wire Decoder-based irrigation control system
        Includes ESP-LXD Decoder Controller (up to 50 stations)
        Includes 15 FD-101 Decoders
        Includes 3 LSP1TURF Line Surge Protectors
        Includes 40 DBRY20 Wire Connectors
        Rain Bird FD-101 Decoder

sprinklersupplystore.com Rain Bird ESP-LXD Decoder Controller

        Rain Bird - ESPLXD - Decoder Controller $971.78
        Rain Bird - FD101TURF - Field Decoder, Interfacing Signal Line and One Valve $107.81
        Rain Bird - FD401TURF - Field Decoder, Interfacing Signal Line and Up to 4 Individual Valves $301.46
        Rain Bird - LSP1TURF - Line Surge Protection $78.03
          Required every 500 feet along a 2-wire path

RainBirdCorp youtube Troubleshooting ESP-LXD Controller Not Being Able to Start a Pump Start Relay

rainbird.com/landscape/products/controllers ESP-LXME Controller - More features. More stations. More control.

Best Price at sprinklers4less.com

$191 at sprinklers4less.com RainBird ESP8-LXME 8-Station Modular Controller Base

$120 at sprinklers4less.com RainBird ESP LXSM12 Module - $120.00

irrigationoutlet.com/landscape-irrigation-controllers $243.25 - Rain Bird ESP8-LXME

rainbird.com/documents ESP-LXME Controller - Installation, Programming & Operation Guide

hunterindustries.com/irrigation-product/controllers Hunter I-Core series controllers

ICC Controller Has Been Replaced By The I-Core Controller. The ICC is Hunter's original commercial grade controller. It was sunset in 2011 to make way for the I-Core, which offers innovative features like state of the art flow monitoring, quick system overview access, a factory-installed SmartPort®, six language capability, and a bold, graphic display. It is also compatible with the Solar Sync weather sensor and Dual two-wire decoder system. The I-Core is recommended as the replacement for the ICC.

Hunter I-core Metal Enclosure

        6-Station controller, indoor/outdoor, metal cabinet
        Metal wall mount
        (gray or stainless)
        Height: 12-3/8"
        Width: 15½"
        Depth: 6-7/16"
        ICM-600 6-Station plug-in expansion module

$488 at sprinklerwarehouse.com Hunter IC-600M I-Core 6 Station Controller Metal Cabinet

$60 at sprinklerwarehouse.com Hunter ICM-600 I-Core 6 Station Sprinkler Timer Expansion Module

$402 at sprinklers4less.com Hunter IC-600-M Metal BaseController 6-Station

$50 at sprinklers4less.com Hunter ICM-600 I-CORE Expansion Module 6-Station

watertips.com/info/pumps How to design a sprinkler system which uses a pump

Pump Relays

Any irrigation system fed by a pump will require a relay such as the Hunter PSR Pump Start Relay listed in the controller section of our catalog to provide power for the pump. The controller simply can't provide nearly enough power for the pump, so a large power line is run directly to the pump from the breaker box, and a pump start relay located at the pump is activated by the controller when it's time to water. The pump start relay requires about the same amount of power to activate as a standard station valve, so the controller must be designed to support the additional power required. Most of the cheap controllers at the retail stores don't have this feature, and even when they do, their transformers are often severely taxed by the additional load. Nearly all of the controllers we offer in our catalog can comfortably run a pump relay in addition to a station valve, and many can run two valves and a pump simultaneously. If your controller advertises a "master valve" or "pump start" feature, this indicates it can support the power required to activate the pump start relay. Some people who do not have a pump choose to use this feature to power a Master valve.

hunterindustries.com/irrigation-product/controllers Hunter PSR Pump Start Relay

        PSR-22	Double pole/single throw pump start relay for 120 VAC pumps up to 2 hp or 230 VAC pumps up to 5 hp.
        PSR-52	Double pole/single throw pump start relay for 120 VAC pumps up to 3 hp or 230 VAC pumps up to 7.5 hp
        PSR-53	Triple pole/single throw pump start relay for 120 VAC pumps up to 3 hp, 230 VAC pumps up to 7.5 hp, or 230 VAC pumps up to 10 hp (three phase)
        PSRB	Used to boost controller output power available to operate larger pump start relays if necessary

Master valve

A electric valve which opens whenever any station is watering, and closes when no station valves are on, shutting off the pressure in the main line. A master valve will greatly reduce any water loss due to a leaky station valve because the leaky station valve can only leak while the master valve is providing pressure to the system. Also, if you damage the irrigation main line, a master valve will control water loss so the main can be repaired without shutting off the water supply. A master electric valve is typically the same type of valve as you would use for your station valves, but rather than being installed downstream from your main line and connected to a station output in your controller it is installed upstream at the front of the main line and connected to the "master" or "pump" connection in your controller. Not all controllers support a mater valve or pump- be sure to check the features before buying a controller.

wellmanager.com/faqs Well Manager - Compare to other tank systems

Well Manager 210

WM210CPV – 210 Gallon shown is built on a 23 ½” x 37” x 60” Tank. As shipped 27 ½”Wx43 ½“ D at panel X 73” H With frame removed will go through 24” door. This tank is large enough that the Control Panel can be mounted on either the narrow or wide side of the tank


timswatersolutions.com/pdf I want to drill a well to irrigate my yard

wellwaterconnection.com Articles of Interest

        Successfully Drilling a Water Well, by John Larsen
        Understanding Water Wells, by John Larsen
        Irrigation Option – Using a Well to Save Water, by Marcia Passos Duffy, Turf Magazine

www.wellwaterconnection.com pdf Well Planning Guide

Use RainBird ESP8-LXME

$191 at sprinklers4less.com RainBird ESP8-LXME 8-Station Modular Controller Base

Station Modules - Expand the ESP-LXME from eight to 48 stations in four-station increments using SM4, SM8 and SM12 station modules. These easy-to-install modules snap into one of four bays on the controller chassis. Dynamic Station Numbering eliminates numbering gaps between stations for easy, confusion-free programming.
        FSMLXME - Flow Smart Module for ESP-LXME


Submersible Well Pumps from Aqua Science, Goulds, Grundfos & Starite

Aqua Science is one of the Nation's largest source for Water Well Pumps, Pressure tanks, Pressure Booster Systems, Drinking Water Systems, Cartridge Filters, Fleck Water Softeners, pH neutralizers, Radon mitigation systems and much more... Founded in 1985 with the single concept, "We will bring the world's finest water treatment equipment and well water supplies to the public at the lowest prices in the country. We will work hard to insure you and your family the safest and highest water quality, the best available advice, and a company that cares about its customers." We have over 50,000 customers accounts in the United States and Canada. We have in our staff a well trained, professional team of Water Treatment Professionals ready to assist you with your Water Quality concerns. We carry the top brand names in the Water Treatment industry like Amtrol Pressure Tanks, Goulds Pumps, Fleck Controls, Davey, Grundfos, Walrus, and Pedrollo Booster Pumps etc.

$808 at aquascience.net Grundfos SQ Series 3" Stainless Steel Submersible Pump 96160133, 5 GPM, 3/4 HP, 230V, 2 Wire

aquascience.net/grundfos $619 - Grundfos SQ Series 3" Stainless Steel Submersible Pump 96160130, 5 GPM, 1/2 HP, 230V, 2 Wire

Important: Any well with a high static water level may allow the pump to operate off the curve and outside its recommended range. We recommend using a "Dole" flow restriction valve to throttle the pump to prevent upthrust damage to the pump and motor. The maximum flow must be restricted to within the pumps recommended operating range.

aquascience.net $46 - 3.0 GPM Dole Flow Regulator 1" FPT Female No Lead GX-3

The Dole Flow Regulator is self-cleaning and designed to deliver a constant volume of water flow over a wide pressure drop range. The controlling mechanism is a flexible orifice that varies its effective area inversely with applied pressure so that a constant flow rate is maintained. Flow rates will be maintained to within ±15% between 15 and 125 psi. The flow rate varies due to manufacturing tolerances and water temperatures. Valves are chrome or nickle-plated brass with Buna-N orifice.
        Maximum pressure is 200 psi
        Maximum temperature is 160°F 

Cycle Stop Valves

CSV PK125 Pside-kick Kit - $335

PSI options 40,50,60 The PSIDE-KICK kit is a complete constant pressure control package for most pump systems with demands from 1 to 25 gpm. Replaces large pressure tanks. Preset and easy to install for the DIY customer. This kit comes with everything you see (including a wall mount kit) and utilizes a mechanical pressure switch and a CSV125-1 model Cycle Stop Valve. This kit can be installed in any position..tank up, down, or sideways. The CSV125-1 valve can be installed separately inline before the pressure tank manifold installation in the event you have a tee off in the system prior to the pressure tank location.

Charter Plastics Pipe

Purchase List

        Grundfos SQ Series 3" Stainless Steel Submersible Pump 96160133, 5 GPM, 3/4 HP, 230V, 2 Wire
        CSV PK125 Pside-kick Kit
        RainBird ESP8-LXME 8-Station Modular Controller Base
        Rain Bird ESP-LXM-SM12 12 Station Sprinkler Timer Expansion Module


IRRITROL 2400-T 1" Valve Adapter

$15.50 at sprinklers4less.com IRRITROL 2400-T 1" Valve Adapter

        2400 Series 1" JarTop Valve Thread/Thread NoFlowControl
        Manufacturer: IrriTrol
        Manufacturer Part No: 2400T
        Solenoid: 24 V ac
        Inrush volt-amp: 24 V ac-9.6 VA
        Inrush current: .4 amp
        Holding volt-amp: 24 V ac-4.8 VA
        Holding current: .2 amp

RainBird 100-DVF 1" Valve

$15.60 at sprinklers4less.com RainBird 100-DVF 1" Valve with Flow Control RB-100-DVF


$158 at sprinklers4less.com 500' 5-strand direct burial wire 18/5-500 5-Strand 18-Gauge Multi-Wire 500' Roll


howtodrillawell.com/well Water Well Drilling Instructional Course - Plans And DVD - $29.95

If you want to drill a well in your backyard cheaper and easier than you ever thought possible, this DVD and instruction booklet will make your dream a reality! The DVD takes you step-by-step through the drilling process from assembling the drilling rig all the way through to casing your well! Drilling a well CAN be an easy, inexpensive process - even to someone without a great deal of technical know-how! Meanwhile the plans contain step-by-step instructions for assembling the kit, drilling the well, important information about the geology of well drilling, a section of Frequently Asked Questions, and a complete set of instructions for making your own tools and bits. This is not just a user manual. This teaches you how to drill wells - a daunting subject made simple. It's also not an infomercial for the drill. You don't have to ever buy another thing from us if you don't want to - the DVDs show you how to do everything for yourself, including making the drill from scratch from locally available materials.Of course, you'll save time and probably have a slightly more powerful product if you buy our kit, but many people have drilled their own well using nothing more than this DVD and the tools they made at home. While drilling a well with our Ready-To-Drill kit requires little mechanical knowledge, no experience, and only a moderate amount of physical strength, redesigning a tool from scratch to assemble your own kit does require a few mechanical abilities and even then it may be a bit intimidating at first.

howtodrillawell.com/well Air Powered Water Pump - $49.95

This is the air powered pump described in Chapter 14 of the plans; if you'd prefer not to take the trouble to build it yourself, we offer it here. It is powered by air, of which only a relatively low volume is required (as low as 40 PSI may be adequate) to pump your well. It can even pump water that is very dirty. This is the ideal tool to pump the silt out of your well after you case it, before installing a regular jet or submersible pump. The only drawback to this pump is that you are not able to use it to pressurize a house or other water system; due to the way the air lift pump works, by floating the water out on bubbles of air, the flow that comes out the end of the pump is about 70% air mixed with about 30% water (exact proportions vary widely with depth, head, pressure and volume). This is only suitable for pumping silt out of your well, or pumping your cleaned well into an open sprinkler, pond, or an unpressurized tank. $580.00 - Drill A Well In Your Backyard - DELUXE Ready-To-Drill Kit!

howtodrillawell.com/contact-us FAQs and Contact Us

howtodrillawell.com/contact-us#question16 Can I use this to clean out my existing well?

Actually, I wouldn't bother with the drill at all. You might be able to save a bunch of money by just using the air-powered water pump available in our catalog - it only costs 49.95, takes a smaller compressor, and is designed to suck out sand from wells like that and clean them out. If it works at all, it will be much cheaper and probably will do as good a job for this specific application as the drill.

The Hand-Operated Simple Pump

Bison Pumps - Standard Deep Well Pump

Steve Maxwell youtube DEMO: Bison Deep Well Hand Pump in Winter


wellowner.org/water-well-maintenance Restoring Flow through Water Well Rehabilitation

subsurfacetech.com/ Comparison of Well Water Rehabilitation Methods