Blood Lipids and heart health

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Lipoprotein A Foundation by slimjohn Arteries Are Better Today Than 9 Years Ago!!

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Looking back over the last nine years I’ve been able to put some things together that likely contributed to improved coronary arteries. It is a journey into research, education and a determined effort to find and develop an enhanced protocol that slows, stops, and really regresses this disease.

        Very informative, come back and study this and follow slimjohn
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Cureality Lipid targets

        Although targets for small LDL particles are poorly sorted out, practical
        and achievable endpoints are:
            By NMR: 200 nmol/L or less small LDL particles
        The next most important number on the lipoprotein report after small
        LDL is LDL particle number (NMR)
        we aim to keep LDL particle number 700 nmol/L or less

NMR - 2017-05-10

        ldl-p 1774 nmol/L (target 700 nmol/L)
        ldl-c 143 mg/dL
        hdl-c 47 mg/dL
        Triglycerides 68 mg/dL
        hdl-p (total) 26.7 umol/L
        small ldl-p 630 nmol/L (target 200 nmol/L)
        ldl size 20.9 nm