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Heart Health Forum topic Statins, Cureality and Me by Bob Niland

Who might be a candidate for statins?

For temporary use: a middle-aged male who has just had a heart attack.

For extended use, when the key metrics don’t respond to diet, the following cases might look into it:

  • elevated Lp(a),
  • ApoE2 and E4 carriers,
  • other forms of familial hypercholesterolemia.

Here's a remark by Dr. Davis on his personal statin experience:

“Soon after Mevacor, the first statin cholesterol drug, was approved by the FDA and released, I took it. Within 72 hours, I became acutely ill, thought I was going to die and couldn't get out of bed for 48 hours. Likewise, simvastatin, Lipitor, and Crestor made me sore all over, made me think I had aged 30 years overnight. Needless to say, I stopped playing with them both personally and, over time, learned how to help patients control the situation with almost no reliance on this deeply flawed group of drugs.“

kitchensink - Posted: 12/5/2015 12:09:11 PM

I would recommend TYP 2 available on line here as it explains the disease process very well and the success of those who control their CAC growth



Dr. Davis Statin Scare

Here’s a better way to view statin drugs and the reduction of cardiovascular risk. If you eliminate wheat/grains and sugar, restore vitamin D status, supplement fish oil for omega-3 fatty acids, correct iodine deficiency and obtain ideal thyroid status, restore magnesium, and cultivate healthy bowel flora, i.e., the Wheat Belly Total Health strategies:

  • Small LDL particles, the most common cause for heart disease, are dramatically reduced or eliminated
  • HDL cholesterol increases dramatically, rising from, say, a high-risk level of 35 mg/dl, to a healthy level of 70-90 mg/dl over time
  • Triglycerides plummet. It is not uncommon for a value of 350 mg/dl to drop to 45 mg/dl, an 87% reduction
  • Total cholesterol drops (though can also rise since HDL rises so much—yet another reason why total cholesterol is worthless: it can go up but reflects the contribution of rising HDL, a good thing)
  • Blood sugar, HbA1c drop
  • Blood pressure drops
  • Inflammation/CRP plummet. CRP levels of zero are typical. (And, no, you do not need high-dose statins to reduce CRP, as some statin manufacturers will argue.)


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searcher7 on 3/6/2017 1:18:52 AM

Dr.Davis saw a lot of people in his cardiology practice.He came the conclusion that small LDL particles were one of the main drivers of heart disease.An LDL cholesterol of 150 mg/dl, for instance, may contain 100% large LDL–a relatively good situation that by itself is unlikely to cause heart disease, or it might contain 100% small LDL–a very bad situation that is likely to cause heart disease.

Most people have some small LDL and some large LDL.”While saturated fats increase total cholesterol,about half the effect is due to an increase in HDL. While saturated fats increase total and LDL cholesterol, they increase the large LDL fraction, while carbohydrates increase small LDL.”Cureality Program pdf, page 25. Lamarche (1999) claimed small LDL was five-fold-more atherosclerotic plaque-causing than large.Is the small LDL theory right?

Typically, extravagant quantities of small LDL particles are accompanied by low HDL, high triglycerides, and pre-diabetes or diabetes.This pattern can be caused by overconsumption of carbohydrates.A genetic susceptibility is usually involved. Elimination of wheat,cornstarch,oats and sugar can lead to a big drop in LDL particle number and small LDL On his Wheat Belly Facebook page, Dr.Davis has posted many before and after photos of people who lost weight on the Wheat Belly Diet.There are also some photos here. People have sent Dr.Davis their testimonials. HDL cholesterol levels have increased.Triglyceride levels have dropped. Sensitivity to insulin has dropped.

Plasma levels of Oxidized LDL are a sensitive biomarker of atherosclerosis. Elevated Ox-LDL is associated with accelerated atherogenesis, CAD, acute myocardial infarction, and stable and unstable angina. High Ox-LDL has also been associated with metabolic syndrome, impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance, and untreated overt hypothyroidism. LDL is very susceptible to oxidation of the constituent apolipoprotein B-100 moiety by prooxidants such as metal ions, reactive oxygen radicals, oxidized macrophages, lipoxygenase and peroxynitrite.

People with hypercholesterolemia are advised to drastically restrict their saturated fat intake. A statins may be required.

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