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SJ's EndoPowerizer Mix

I developed an alternative to various commercial products to support and restore endothelium function. The formulation has changed somewhat over the years as new information enlightenment. :-) This mixture is based on the latest research studies and commercial products Tri-Flow, ArginCor, and Neo40. The Neo40 product takes an interesting approach to supporting cellular BH4. While Tri-Flow® and ArginCor™ uses Folate to support BH4 cellular production (similar molecules), Neo40 uses vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) to support the methylation pathway to NOS and BH4 cycle. Endothelial dysfunction due to eNOS decoupling is closely linked the Methylation Cycle dysfunction.

  1. Arginine: 1 tsp: 2g
  2. Citrulline-Malate; 2:1 ratio: (2 tsp) 5g yielding: ~3 g citrulline [Bulk Supplements,]
  3. Beet Root powder (1 tsp): 3g [Eclectic Institute Beet Juice Powder, freeze-dried]
  4. Xylitol (artificial sweetner); Ultima Replenisher (balanced electrolyte formula) that contains Xylitol. ~2g (adjust to taste). Great red raspberry taste.

Add to a cold glass of water (8-16 oz) and stir. One glass in the morning, one glass in the evening. I sip 16 oz glass in the morning and sip 16 oz glass late evening.

I prefer citrulline-malate in 2:1 ratio because malate supports ATP (energy) via Krebs cycle. I retained a modest amount of arginine to support endothelial NO function and inhibits ADMA per Arginine:ADMA ratio test. Additional separate supporting supplements are essential, especially anti-oxidants (many in this list).

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Statins L-Arginine and L-Citrulline working synergistically together.

I was thinking of taking a statin to help lower my particular numbers of LDL. I was wondering has anyone used L-Arginine successfully as near as they can tell with a statin to do this?

Also I was wondering if anyone has successfully used L-Cirtulline and a statin to lower LDL. particle numbers?

Below is a series of articles mainly on L-Arginine and Statins but also some on using L-Citrulline and stains synergistically together.

Below is an exert from Dr Davis’s 2006 report on L-Arginine where he talks about statins and L-Arginine working synergistically together.

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