Vitamin C

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Vitamin C. If too little is ineffective (below RDA) and if high dosage detrimental in long term, what is the optimal dosage? At daily intakes of 100mg or greater, cells are saturated; at daily intakes of 200-400mg, plasma concentrations increase marginally. Excess vitamin C that not absorbed at higher single dosages (1g or greater) is excreted. Multiple daily dosages (1g or greater total) though may result in expensive pee and, worst, in greater potential for pro-oxidant vitamin C and depletion of glutathione.

According to this article (below), the OPTIMAL level intake of vitamin C to MAXIMIZE HEALTH BENEFITS and to MINIMIZE ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS is 200mg/day - enough to saturate your cells and maintain adequate plasma concentration. Vitamin C could then be taken in multiple dosages (e.g., 100mg, 2x/day) or in single dose 200mg slow-release formulation. I am now taking Doctor’s Best PureWay-C, 250mg/day. I split the tablets but that may not be good idea for sustained-release; probably should take complete tablet (500mg sustained-release/day) which should be okay since it’s not full-release 500 mg but spread out over 12 hours.

Note: Are you taking ascorbic acid instead of vitamin C? Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is synthetic vitamin C without essential cofactors. When you take only ascorbic acid tablets, your body must gather all of the other components of the full vitamin C complex from your body’s tissues in order to make use of it. In the event that your body does not have adequate reserves of the other components (e.g. rutin, hesperidin, etc.), ascorbic acid itself does not provide any of the full health benefits of vitamin C.

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