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        Kenmore 90 series part no.
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        dryer start button fails when hot
        Tue Jul 11 17:36:02 MDT 2017
        Motor needs to be replaced.

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partselect.com/Repair/Dryer How To Fix A Dryer That Won't Start by Steve Ash

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        Kenmore Dryer High Limit Thermostat
        Kenmore Dryer High Limit Thermostat WP3390291
        RepairClinic Item #2924 | Whirlpool OEM Part #WP3390291
        Cleaning Brush 18001034
        RepairClinic Item #424663 | Nisia OEM Part #18001034
        Cleaning Brush 18001034
        Dryer vent cleaning brush. This brush is designed for cleaning 4-inch diameter ducts. At 20 feet in length, it provides substantial reach.

RepairClinic Item #158 | Whirlpool OEM Part #279787 - $164

        Kenmore Dryer Drive Motor 279787
        RepairClinic Item #158 | Whirlpool OEM Part #279787
        Dryer drive motor. The drive motor drives the rotation of the dryer's drum. If the drive motor is defective, the dryer won't spin..
        This part fits model 110.66934691

Kenmore Dryer Drive Belt 661570V - $15

        Kenmore Dryer Drive Belt 661570V
        RepairClinic Item #4248258 | Whirlpool OEM Part #661570V
        Brand Image
        Drive Belt 661570V Alternate Product View
        Grid is 1 inch square
Dryer drum drive belt, 93 1/2 inches long, 4 ribs 3 grooves. The drive belt is a very long, slender belt that wraps all the way around the dryer drum, around a tension pulley, and then around the drive motor pulley. If the drum will not turn when the dryer is turned on the belt is likely broken.

repairclinic.com/Video Whirlpool 27” Gas Dryer Drive Motor Replacement #279787

This video provides step-by-step instructions on replacing the motor in Whirlpool 27” gas dryers with the lint filter at door. The most common reasons for replacing the motor are when the dryer makes a humming noise, stops turning during a cycle, trips a breaker, won’t start, or won’t turn at all. All of the information in this motor replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana, Inglis

diychatroom.com/f47/maytag Maytag dryer drum won't start when hot

I have a Performa Maytag Dryer Model # PYG2000AWW. When the unit is cold, it will start and run fine. After the first load is done and the dryer is still hot, I put a new load in from the washer and all I get is a load buzz but the drum won't spin. I can start the drum manually and then quickly shut the door and it will work. I have already replaced the belt as the unit is over 10 years old. Could it be the solenoid or the motor? How can I test to see what might be the problem? Thanks! Definately the motor, the buzz is the sound a motor makes when it has what is called a "Locked Rotor".

Bill Newberry youtube How to Troubleshoot and Replace your Dryer Motor

Good troubleshooting information.