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Steph Davis

yes, on my tailgate there is a metal plate with a few screws. if you unscrew those and take off the plate, you can add a piece of plywood instead. you can bevel the edges and varnish it, if you want. it makes it so much nicer for cooking, beer-setting, etc.


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Check out Yahaira the Mobile Casa. I'm a full time student at A&M Corpus Christi, but own a business in San Antonio and enjoy traveling the state on my free time, so I decided to build a mobile home. It is a 36 inch ARE Comercial truck cap, on a 08 GMC Sierra Extended Cab.

There are 6 components of vehicle camping that need to be addressed:
  1. Sleeping Area
  2. Cooking Station
  3. Hygiene Station
  4. Storage
  5. Power
  6. Quick-Grab Gear

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In this video I would like to demonstrate the design, construction and usage of my DIY solar powered, pressurized, roof top water heater and shower.

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some nice details on over wheel well platform with drawers.

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