Farm Hands Companion

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Farm Hands Companion Online

Farm Hand's Companion seeks to:

  1. encourage folks to aim for and anticipate as much success as possible, develop a fearlessness toward failure, and allow setbacks to spur a motivation to achieve.
  2. restore and maintain a culture of common sense, perseverance in spite of hardship, humble integrity, and national pride that are as valuable to everyday living for all Americans as they are and always have been to those who’ve lived the farm life.
  3. foster a desire to take up and improve the craft of traditional farming by building on the success of others, and developing it further within the bounds of good sense and practicality.
  4. retain and guard from loss as much wisdom and knowledge of traditional farming as possible, ensuring its endurance with more and more young folks who will one day live the lifestyle, if not merely appreciate its value.
  5. endorse sensible living, enrich the lives of family and community, and promote enjoyment of the God-given journey of life to the fullest.
  6. explore the beauty and structured design of God’s creation, and at the same time demonstrate how the land can be productively worked while improving its quality.
  7. aid in replacing the culture’s ignorance with appreciation regarding the simple basics of life.
  8. celebrate the passion that God built into mankind for working with one's hands and enjoying the fruits of one's labor.
  9. inspire folks to simply live a simple life.
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        -*- For all of you obsessive-compulsive disorder folks I apologize for
        not comin' up with an even "10" of these but it just wasn’t necessary
        to work up another one. If another one ever comes to me, I'll insert it
        as quick as I think of it.
        Sincerely and ever yours,
        Pa Mac