Jorgensen Miter Saw

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Jorgensen 64016 Precision Miter Saw


Joy of woodworking hobby youtube Miter Box Restoration

Replacement Blades?

Seen at amazon. Silverline - Precision Mitre Saw Blade 550Mm 14Tpi Blade

It appears the blades for the Ulmia 352 work. Also, the Jorgensen appears to be a poor knock-off of the Ulmia.

From review of C.R. Laurence saw

I ordered it from 2 different sellers and in both cases received a Stanley 20-800 with a C.R. Laurence bar code sticker added to the box. So, check with the seller before ordering. Below are replacement saw blades that fit the C.R. Laurence miter saw:

        1) Jorgensen 68021 14 tpi
        2) Jorgensen 68022 18 tpi
        3) Jorgensen 68023 24 tpi
        4) Jorgensen 68025 32 tpi
        5) Ulmia 352 coarse wood 10 tpi
        6) Ulmia 352 fine wood 15 tpi
        7) Ulmia 352 metal cutting 25 tpi

The expensive Ulmia 352 is the miter saw that the H36191 emulates.