Pinebook Admin Log 02

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Fri Aug 11 08:08:06 MDT 2017

Hostname - pining

What to install and configure

List to consider

  • password dragon (check java)
  • rbenv
  • bash-it
  • abiword
  • thunar
  • terminator
  • nanoc
  • reveal.js
  • tracks
  • email - thunderbird - icedove
  • firefox
  • java
  • blah


  • system ruby 2.3.1.p112
  • gvim (vim-gtk)
  • git 2.7.4 already installed
  • tig gitk
  • homesick (sudo gem install homesick)
  • blah

Package Research



On ivie

        dpkg --get-selections |grep vim
        vim						install
        vim-common					install
        vim-gtk						install
        vim-gui-common					install
        vim-runtime					install
        vim-tiny					install


          Add public key at github
        Personalize git
        git config --global "Your Name Here"
         # Sets the default name for git to use when you commit
        git config --global ""
         # Sets the default email for git to use when you commit


Enable the root login

Mon Aug 14 10:26:06 MDT 2017 How to enable root login?

        sudo passwd root
        sudo passwd -u root
        su -
        passwd root
        passwd pine64

create account for administration

Need an account separate from pine64 and craig to mess with pine64 and craig accounts.

create addy account

        sudo adduser addy
        sudo usermod --append --groups adm,sudo,video,plugdev,input addy

Remove user pine64

Want user craig to be 1000:1000 as in ivie. pine64 is 1000:1000
          Login as addy
        sudo userdel --force --remove pine64

Add user craig

        sudo adduser craig
          craig is uid/gid 1000:1000 (now that pine64 is gone)
        sudo usermod --append --groups adm,sudo,video,plugdev,input craig
 8.5. Creating Accounts

update / upgrade

        apt-get update
        apt-get dist-upgrade

backup home folder to compare changes

in order to support homesick dotfile archiving.
          (cd /home; find craig -type f ! -path 'craig/.cache/*')

system ruby

        sudo apt-get install ruby
        ruby -v
        ruby 2.3.1.p112 (2016-04-26) [aarch64-linux-gnu]
        apt-get update
        apt-get dist-upgrade
        sudo apt-get install ruby
        ruby -v
        ruby 2.3.1.p112 (2016-04-26) [aarch64-linux-gnu]


        sudo apt-get install vim-gtk

Check java version

        java -version
        openjdk version "1.8.0_131"
        OpenJKK 64-bit Server VM