UPark Fence Repair

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C.L.S. Allinone youtube Excellent video - How to repair wood fence without digging or using concrete. Grip Rite

T25 torque head 2 1/2 inch screws to secure brackets

Can use 3 wood pickets to hide the metal posts.

Use string line to match picket heights.

LA NY Dale youtube Wood fence with round galvanized steel posts and brackets

Used the more heavy duty 14 gauge 2 3/8 in diameter galvanized steel round posts. Posts are 8 feet -two feet into the ground and 6 feet above. Two posts for each 8 foot wooden panel. The heavy duty brackets have a lip or shelf to support the wood panel cross members. The adjustable brackets were purchased from a local fence supply company, you will not find them at a Home Depot or Lowes. We reused the existing wooden fence panels and will replace them as need in the future, as the brackets are adjustable up and down the posts.


$24 at lowes.com 2.37-in x 8-ft Silver Steel Chain-Link Fence Terminal Post

$21.38 at lowes.com 2.37-in x 7-ft Silver Steel Chain-Link Fence Terminal Post

$1.42 at lowes.com Blue Hawk Gray Metal Steel Fence Wood Post Adaptor