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28”x30” pads

xfig source for cooler control dial

article at ppspackaging.com Pre-season Maintenance



        Coolpad 7130 36" x 12'
        Coolpad 7150 36" x 20'
        Coolpad Plus 7223 36" x 20'
        Fri Sep 29 09:45:58 MDT 2017
        Looking for Coolpad pad and rolls retail dealer
        I have an evaporative cooler for the first time and I'm looking for
        replacement pads.  I'm interested in the Coolpad rolls 7130 or 7150.
        I'm having trouble finding a retail source.  Can you help?
        Please follow the link below to find a local dealer in your area to better assist you:
        Nastassia Caldwell | Customer and Administrative Sales Support Specialist 
        Aprilaire, Division of Research Products Corporation 
        1015 East Washington Avenue | Madison, Wisconsin  53703
        Phone: 800-334-6011 | Fax:608-257-4357
        Call Center Hours – M-F, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm CT
        Armor Sheet Metal, Inc.
        601 Lawrance St, La Junta, CO 81050
        Phone: (719)384-6777 
Found Coolpad 7130 12' roll on ebay for $43. Found Coolpad 7150 20' roll on ebay for $69.

Dial Dura-Cool Pads

dialmfg.com/catalog/ Dura-Cool Rolls

        Part # 3078 	29 x 144
        Part # 3079 	33 x 160
        Part # 3080 	36 x 240
        Part # 3095 	36 x 576
search: dura-cool cooler pad roll 3078

dialmfg.com/catalog/cooler-pads/ Aspen Pads Part # 3001 - 3048

        Part # 3012 – 28 x 32 Aspen Pad 

PPS Packaging Company manufacture Aspen excelsior cooler pads

PPS Packaging Company was founded in 1976 with our manufacturing facility and corporate office located in central California. While manufacturing Aspen excelsior cooler pads, we are always looking for ways to improve our own line of evaporative cooler products. Whether it’s our Aspen Snow-Cool Premier Cooler Pads with Grid-Flo™ stitching; our exclusive Loop & Lock™ closure system on our cooler covers; or our patented product line of Mighty Cool™ Cooler Pumps, our innovations keep your evaporative cooler running at its highest efficiency. In addition, we also provide our customers with a complete line of cooler care products, parts and accessories, agricultural products, thermoforming, edgeboard and contract packaging.

Aspen Snow-Cool Pads at ppspackaging.com


  • Aspen wood excelsior
  • Natural wood color and free of objectionable odor
  • Curled & barbed in cutting for added water holding capacity
  • Mechanical layering into uniformly thick & dense mats

Pad Netting, Stitching & Structure

  • Biodegradable stitching securing mat to netting
  • Stitching penetrates matting, secures netting to stabilize and unitize the construction and eliminate sagging
  • Each stitching seam runs the entire length of the pad
  • Stitching seams spaced every 2″ across the pad width
  • Stitching will penetrate the pad, securing the net surfaces every 4″ to create a quilt-like saturation system
  • Pad ends adhesively sealed with enough netting to contain loose fibers
    • Finishing Requirements

      • Stated pad dimensions shall be absolute minimum sizes
      • 5% enlargement above stated pad dimensions is acceptable!
      Aspen Snow-Cool™ pads have been known for years as the finest in the market. Still, we knew we could do better. Cooler pads hold water, but any material that doesn’t absorb water reduces overall cooling efficiency.
      • We created the Premier Pad by starting with our pure Aspen excelsior. The open cellular structure of this excelsior allows our Premier Pad to hold more water. The result? More evaporative wicking area per square inch than any other evaporative cooler pad.
      • We added Grid-Flo™ stitching, our exclusive all-natural biodegradable thread, that creates the most even flow of water throughout the pad surface. Special stitching creates fiber-stabilizing grids, which prevent hot spots that cost extra money to cool. Grid-Flo™ stitching also eliminates pad sagging that makes evaporative coolers inefficient. And, this new stitching requires fewer roof trips by reducing the debris that clogs pumps and filters.
      • Best of all, Uni-Pad™ construction wets out the pad in a rapid and uniform pattern, making rooms cool quickly.

      Premier Cooler Pad with Grid-Flo Stitching

              12IP 28"x32"
              UPC 0 53523 00212-9

      $17 at Home Depot Aspen Snow Cool 28 in. x 32 in. Evaporative Cooler Pad Replacement (3-Pack)

      A set of 3 pads, 28 in. x 32 in. Our Aspen Snow Cool Pads are made with Grid-Flo stitching. This creates an even flow of water throughout the pad. It also prevents sagging. This delivers cool air more efficiently. Order #W784742779 Order Total: $18.25. Thu Sep 28 23:46:16 MDT 2017

      Cooler Covers

      Covers for side discharge coolers at PPS Packaging

      Cooler Controller

      Dial Mfg 115V Digital Cooler Controller™ Part# 7617

      • Automatically Controls the Operation of Evaporative Coolers
      • LCD Digital Temperature Display
      • Constant Digital Display of Room Temperature
      • Adjustable pad pre-wet cycle

      $39 at lowes Dial Mfg 115V Digital Cooler Controller™ Part# 7617

      $40 at amazon Dial Mfg 115V Digital Cooler Controller™ Part# 7617

      product page at essickair.com Champion Cooler - MasterStat Thermostat for Evaporative Coolers - 110423-2

      search: MasterStat Thermostat 110423-2


      $27 at amazon LASCO 05-1155 Evaporative Swamp Cooler 8-Way Spider Kit

      $51 at amazon Little Giant 542005 CP3-115 1/30 Horsepower Evaporative Cooler Pump

      $52 at amazon DIAL 1540 115V Purge Pump

      If you want this to actually empty out your cooler every 8 hours, it must be plugged into an outlet that is constantly hot. The way my cooler works, is the pump don't run unless the cooler is on, so for example, if I turn my cooler on and run it for 4 hours, and turn it off for the rest of the day. Then turn it on for 2 hours the next day. Then on the third day run it for a couple more hours, the pump will finally run at the end of the third day. Every 8 hours. I wish the time on the pump was adjustable. Because it is when the cooler sets for a couple of days without running that the water starts to turn " swampy". Otherwise the pump does work as advertised. For years I have hated cleaning the calcium off the cooler panels at the end of summer. Adding this purge pump and a calcium inline filter this year has made a MAJOR improvement -- very little calcium and the purged water goes to my garden and trees. Excellent !! This was real easy to install. I did have a hole in the sheet metal of my swamp cooler for the mounting screw. If there had not already been a hole there it would have taken just a little effort to drill one (not in the bottom pan!). The pump must work just fine, as I hardly ever noticed it working- it's real quiet. It does come on every 8 hours like it says in the description. We have real "hard" water here and it did seem to help keep the mineral deposits down. Winter hit here earlier this week, so that's why this review is in the past tense. Works good pumps out about 5 gallons every 6 to 8 hours. Sure made a difference in calcium build up. Easy to install. I noticed others complain that it was hard because you had to drill a hole. No big deal. Also I suggest making a trip to a good hardware store and get stainless steel bolt and nut so it won't rust. This pump does exactly what it says it will. I read other reviews about people mentioning that you have to drill a hole in your cooler, and I'm not sure why they said this. Works great, no holes need drilling, make sure to use the plastic insert in the end of the hose so water doesn't keep siphoning from the cooler after the pump has shut off.


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              No on the blue plastic pads.
              Grassy pads work, but pieces come off.
              Likes paper pads.

      Manual Switch

      aztikkel11 youtube Wiring a Evaporative Swamp Cooler Switch

      $23 at amazon LASCO 36-0233 Evaporative Water Cooler Thermostat with Two Speed Six Position Switch

      $11 at amazon Dial Mfg. 7110 6-Position wall Switch

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