Recaulk Shower

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Caulk Profile Kits

$9.88 at lowes Blue Hawk 4-Pack Caulk Tool Kit Item # 395432 Model # 55014

$10 at home depot DAP PRO Caulk Caulking Tool Kit (4-Piece)

Why is the Fugi kit tools not sold in the US?

$45 at amazon Cramer 5-Fugi Kit 20140913 - recommended by Charlie DIYte

$7 at amazon GRIVER 4-Piece Caulking Tool Kit,Caulk Finishing Tool Kit (4 Piece Caulking Tool Kit)


Charlie DIYte youtube How to Apply Silicone - the COMPLETE Pro Guide

Very opinionated. Study this.


Ultimate Handyman youtube How to get a perfect silicone bead

Another UK presenter, shows how to use the fugi tools

Also has a video trying WD-40 to remove silicone.

Grout Rescue CT youtube How to Properly Remove Caulk from a Tub Shower

Tommy's Yard youtube Tommy's Trade Secrets - How to Silicone a Bath