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Who makes what? : Kenmore

        790	Frigidaire

        Kenmore gas range 790.7423
        model no. 790.74233311
        serial no. VF50726606

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        Burner Configuration 	
        Back left
        1 - 14,200 BTU, 
        Orifice Part Number 316527511
        Back right
        1 - 5,000 BTU, 
        Orifice Part Number 316527504 
        1 - 10,000 BTU
        Orifice Part Number 316527500
        Front left
        1 - 9,500 BTU, 
        Orifice Part Number 316527500
        Front right
        1 - 18,200 BTU, 
        Orifice Part Number 316543200

Converting a Gas Range to Operate on LP Gas - orifice chart at 1m 18s Sears PartsDirect youtube

High Heat Control

The 18,000 BTU gas Turbo Boil burner gives you more control over your stove, so you can boil faster and sear with precision.

Low, Low Heat

The 5,000 BTU Simmer Burner lets you simmer soups and sauces, melt butters without burning and keep foods nice and warm until meal time.

Convection Control

True Convection gives you precise results using a fan to ensure even heat distribution throughout the oven.

Meals Ready to Eat

Warm & Hold keeps dishes at the perfect serving temperature for hours without overcooking and works with timed bake and delay cook settings, so meals are ready when you are. Frigidaire Gallery FGGF3036TB

Adjusting low flame on range top burners

Need small screw driver.

Adjusting Oven burners

air shutters?

LP to natural gas conversion

This appears specific to our gas range

Converting a Gas Range to Operate on LP Gas Sears PartsDirect youtube

        at 2 min. Regulator conversion. Flip plastic fitting.
        at 2 min. 15 sec.  adjust broil burner orifice spud. 1 to 1/2 turns from stop
        at 2 min. 25 sec.  adjust broil burner air shutter. try 1/3 open
        at 2 min. 30 sec.  adjust bake burner orifice spud try 1 and 1/2 turns from stop
        at 2 min. 38 sec.  adjust broil burner air shutter. try 1/3 open

left to do

Tue Jan 23 20:41:02 MST 2018

        set top burner low
        level stove
        adjust oven thermostat to thermometer

Cleaning stove top

Cleaning burner maintenance

How to clean the burner on your stove Whirlpool Appliance Repair Self Help Videos

How to Clean Gas Cooktop Grates and Burners Sears PartsDirect youtube


Oven Igniter Part Number: AP2150412 Made by: Frigidaire $27.89

Hot Surface ('Glow Bar') Ignition System

What happens in this style ignition system is that the thermostat or electronic control switches power to the oven ignitor and gas valve circuit which are connected in series (one after the other). As power flows through the ignitor it heats and draws current (measured in amperage). Once the oven ignitor draws a specific amount of current the oven valve opens to allow gas to flow to the oven burner where the glowing hot ignitor (glow bar) ignites it. Power must continually flow through the ignitor and oven gas valve for gas to be released into the oven burner to create a flame. Once the set temperature is achieved the control stops all power to the ignition circuit which causes the ignitor to dim and the oven gas valve to close, stopping any burner flame. Cycling on and off continues to maintain the specific temperature the control is set for.

It should usually only take in the area of 30-90 seconds for the oven ignitor to reach the proper resistance to allow the proper amperage to reach the gas valve to open it and for the ignitor to ignite the gas at the oven burner.