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    • Fisher Wood Stoves - wood-stove.org/

      Fisher Stoves - woodstovewizard.com/

      Bob Fisher had some basic criteria that he wanted from his stove, and his wife supplied some of her own:
      • It had to be an airtight wood stove
      • Ventilation needed to be restricted and controlable with vents
      • It had to be able to keep a fire in over night
      • Carol wanted to be able to cook on the top of the stove
      • The stove couldn't smoke when the door was opened
      • The Fisher Stove had to last - this called for heavy duty steel and firebrick

      Jotul Wood Stoves - jotul.com/us/

      jotul.com/us/products/ Jøtul F 3 CB Timeless bestseller

      This is our signature small / medium woodstove now with an enhanced fire view. The Jøtul F 3 CB is the world's best value for your heating dollar and is the best selling small / medium cast iron woodstove in North America. Selling up to 20,000 stoves worldwide each year, the Jøtul F 3 CB has an impeccable track record for durability- as do all of our stoves. Along with our other woodstoves, Jøtul has developed and manufactured the first complete line of non-catalytic woodstoves with open door fire viewing.


      This heater is highly efficient which make this stove very attractive. Most people who buy this wood-burning stove enjoy it and keep it for ridiculously long periods of time. The wood burns on a bed of ash, rather than having some sort of grate. This has been said to be the best way of burning wood in a stove. A built-in, yet extremely effective airwash system keeps the large windows clean and free of condensation, allowing you to enjoy the large view of the fire.

      forestryforum.com/board/ Firewood and Wood Heating » Favorite Wood Stoves

      Nate Surveyor

      Fisher Grandpa model. 20" log. PAPA model. It takes a 28" log. our old camper school bus has a BABY Bear in it. Here is some of the Fisher Story at hearth.com/econtent/


      For our great room, have a Defiant Vermont Castings, with catalytic converter...Heats well, and wood lasts a long time.


      I have an Earth Stove by Colony Hearth in my house. It heats great.


      We have had two Timberlines over the years - very similar to the Fishers, they were the cream of the crop back in the '70s. We replaced it with a Hearthstone soapstone last year - took some getting used to learning how to fire it but it sure is nice to have a warm stove when you get up in the morning.


      Ran an Earthstove for a few years and thought it was comparable to a Fisher. Been using a Vermont Castings Defiant Encore for the last 17 years. The top loading and ash pan clean out make it a very easy to operate stove. Heat output is second to none. The catalytic converter is a gimmick meant to please the EPA and the greenies.


      I have used Ashley and Wondercoal with very good results. Got to get a coal stove or get a catalyis(sp) converter. Not the prettiest stoves on the market but they are affordible and efficient. Speaking of efficient I don't buy wood, I can'r burn 1/5 of the leavings from the mill. Might be different if I was buying firewood.


      I have a Jotul Oslo F500 Firelight. My friends own a hardware store and specialize in BBQs and Fireplaces. Their opinion after going to all the trade shows and looking at all the stoves is that the Jotul has the best looking flame. I love to watch the flames as it looks like the flame is pouring up out of the wood. It is a not catalitic stove. If you burn too hot you can damage the catalitic insert and they need to be replaced periodically. They recommended the Jotul and I have not been dissapointed. They are a swedish stove and have a very nicely detailed casting so they look good even when you're not burning anything. I heat my 2000 sq ft home all winter alomost exclusively with the stove.


      That stove was just replaced a month ago with a Jotul Oslo. I really like the Jotul stove it has one moving part, the draft control. Although it was not a factor when looking at stoves the viewing window in the front of the stove makes you want to sit, relax, and enjoy the view. I looked at the new Lopi cast iron stove but the fact that the castings were made in China was the main reason for going with the Jotul.

      Ron Wenrich

      I have a Woodstock Soapstone stove. I've had it for about 25 years. It has a cast metal frame, and 1" of soapstone on the sides and top. It will keep heat all night. It doesn't use a great deal of wood.

      woodstovewizard.com/index WoodStoveWizard


      hearth.com - Post on Morso and Jotul stoves

      Morso are famous in Europe and I know they sell in the USA and Canada, they are a high quality cast iron stove manufacturer. Jotul are brilliant and I have toured their factory in Norway, I could post some photos if you like? Our f118 nearly heats all the home and never needs rekindled. I ve owned many stoves and i think jotul and morso are the best, maybe jotul has the edge, slightly, just my own view. Willy Campbell is a star, I m sure I m related to him !