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Aureolus Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus Born 1493 – Died 1541

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Paracelsus Elixir – The Original Swedish Bitters Formula

Paracelsus Elixir is the original Swedish bitters formula. Paracelsus Elixir is not the Maria Treben nor is it Dr. Samst’s formula for Swedish Bitters. It is the Original Swedish Bitters Formula that had been lost for centuries. Swedish bitters are also called Schwedenbitter in German.

Swedish Bitters were originally formulated by Paracelsus just prior to 1538 AD. Paracelsus Elixir is his original complete formula for Swedish bitters or Schwedenbitter. We do not know what Paracelsus called this formula but, it is quite certain that having been Swiss, he would not have named it Swedish bitters. In homage to Paracelsus; giving him full credit for this marvelous and ingenious world renowned formulation, we have respectfully called it Paracelsus Elixir rather than just marketing it as ordinary Swedish Bitters or Schwedenbitter.

When you are buying Paracelsus Elixir you are not buying what is commonly being sold as Swedish Bitters. What is commonly being sold as Swedish Bitters or Schwedenbitter is known as the “Maria Treben formula.” That herbal combination for Swedish bitters was not formulated by Maria Treben herself. It is a very abbreviated version of the original which has many variations and which is not commonly sold probably because of expense and the bother of having to market a new formula. this is the only formula for Swedish Bitters we have ever used and sold for over 35 -40 years.

Our Paracelsus Elixir formula is over 460 years old. Why anyone would ever arbitrarily change it and still market it as Swedish bitters is a little confusing. It certainly would not improve it. In fact, by altering it is no longer Swedish bitters. The ingredients and their proportions of Paracelsus Elixir do not resemble any other Swedish Bitters formula commonly being sold as Swedish bitters. In Herbalism the proportions of herbs in any formula are a very delicate matter. If altered, it is basically a different formula with different effects.

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Vitacost Swedish Bitters

Maria Treben's Authentic - Swedish Bitters Tonic

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Our bodies are built for bitters

As human beings we evolved consuming a vast amount of wild plants, most of which were rich in the bitter flavor. With the birth of industrial agriculture, the bitter flavor was stripped away in exchange for mostly pleasant flavors: sweet, salty and processed food. Today we have a dramatic lack of bitterness in our daily diets.

But our bod­ies are built for bitter flavors! Bitter engages and excites the digestive system. Bitter challenges the body, alerting it through taste that a complex food is being ingested, more complex than heavily processed food. It is very important for the body to have enough challenge—challenge keeps us strong, on our toes, ready for action! Bitters are like the gym for the digestive system, they help to keep it toned.

Our brilliant tongue is like the doorbell to the digestive system and when we taste something bitter it rings that doorbell, “Ding-dong! Time to eat, time to wake up, time to digest!” All the digestive organs get “turned on.” They start to secrete digestive juices in preparation for the incoming food!

The History of Bitters

The first bitters were probably foraged: any root, or green leaf, from the wild would contain an appreciable element of bitterness. This is because of the chemistry involved: many bitter compounds are there to deter insects, or help plants have a strong immune response, and are abundant in wild plants. But as humans organized early medical systems, we see attention to the bitter flavor in almost every culture, from Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, to the original bitter liquids of the Mediterranean (the first record of these is over 2,000 years old).

Folk preparations evolved over the years, but the value of bitters for digestive support and as antidotes to what might harm us was always recognized. Some formulas gained more attention: from the amari of Italy, to the famous Swedish bitters, to bitter melon chutney, these classic preparations became cultural staples.

As global trade began to expand, exotic herbs and spices made it into the mix, and we see the rise of now-famous brands such as Angostura and Peychaud’s. Though we think of them as cocktail mixers now, these blends are so much more than that: clearly digestive bitters, they were originally marketed as tonic medicines. In fact, tonic water—a quinine-based bitter preparation - was as much a medicine as it was a drink back in the 19th century.

Today, we are seeing a fantastic resurgence of bitters across the bar and medicine world. The riot of flavors, colors, and spices available was unheard of twenty years ago. Our hope is that, as more folks begin to appreciate that bitter is indeed better, we’ll see renewed interest in the health benefits they can provide.

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Inspired by a rich history.

The original bitters recipe dates back to the 16th century, when it was created by the famous physician Paracelsus. It wasn’t until 1850, when Dr. Claus Samst of Sweden refined, researched and confirmed its restorative benefits that it was given the name Swedish Bitters. He was a zealous believer in the potion and consumed it himself, living to the ripe old age of 104. Maria Treben is credited with placing the formula in the modern spotlight through her best-selling book Health Through God’s Pharmacy.

Maria’s original Swedish Bitters represent the essence of skill, knowledge and experience in producing the finest quality herbal bitters. Only premium ingredients have been selected to achieve the highest quality and potency. They are ideal to use before meals to stimulate digestion or after meals to lessen feelings of fullness or gas.

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Herbal extracts of bitter, mineral-rich herbs are a traditional tonic for stimulating the bile and increasing digestion and assimilation of fats. They often are the best remedy for calming a queasy stomach. One such product is made by Floradix. Another is Swedish Bitters originally formulated by Paracelsus and later “rediscovered” by a Swedish scientist. Bitters supply nutrients from bitter leaves that are often lacking in the Western diet. Many cultures, including the Chinese and Hindu, value bitter herbs for their cleansing, strengthening and healing properties.

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Active Ingredients: Each 20 ml decoction equiv. to dry contains:

  • Cynara scolymus (Artichoke) leaf 650mg
  • Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) herb 206mg
  • Gentiana lutea (Gentian) root 164mg
  • Curcuma longa (Tumeric) root 118mg
  • Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) herb 118mg
  • Zingiber officinale (ginger) rhizome 80mg
  • Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) flowers 74mg
  • Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel) fruit 74mg
  • Citrus aurantium (Orange) peel 60mg
  • Cnicus benedictus (Blessed thistle) herb 37mg
  • Elettaria cardomomum (Cardamon) fruit 15mg
  • Menyanthes trifoliata (Bogbean) leaf 15mg