MikroTik Bridge

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mikrotik.com/wiki Transparently Bridge two Networks

wiki.mikrotik.com - Manual:Interface/Bridge

Bridge Interface Setup

Sub-menu: /interface bridge

To combine a number of networks into one bridge, a bridge interface should be created (later, all the desired interfaces should be set up as its ports). One MAC address will be assigned to all the bridged interfaces (the MAC address of first bridge port which comes up will be chosen automatically).

Manual:Fast Path

Fast path allows to forward packets without additional processing in the Linux kernel. It improves forwarding speeds significantly.

For fast path to work, interface support and specific configuration conditions are required.

Manual:Wireless Station Modes

Mode station-bridge

This mode works only with RouterOS APs and provides support for transparent protocol-independent L2 bridging on the station device. RouterOS AP accepts clients in station-bridge mode when enabled using bridge-mode parameter. In this mode, the AP maintains a forwarding table with information on which MAC addresses are reachable over which station device.

This mode is MikroTik proprietary and cannot be used to connect to other brands of devices.

This mode is safe to use for L2 bridging and is the preferred mode unless there are specific reasons to use station-wds mode.

mikrotik.com/product hAP lite

The home Access Point lite (hAP lite) is an ideal little device for your apartment, house or office.

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If you are doing MKT-MKT there is probably no good reason to use station-wds instead of station-bridge

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wiki.mikrotik.com/ article Connect to an Available Wireless Network

Purpose: In this case, we have a customer that uses a wireless cell modem for Internet access which lacks ethernet ports, but we would also like to give access to some devices that are not wifi enabled. This is our workaround for that problem.

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