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Welcome to the Charles Welch web site. You’ll find over 2,000 free dispensational Bible study recordings and writings promoting the Bible study principle of “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” We encourage you to open your Bible and become a Berean, (Acts 17:11) searching the scriptures to see if what is taught is doctrinally sound and true. Charles Welch Audio Recordings page The Berean Expositor And just what is Dispensationalism?

In a nutshell, Dispensationalism is based upon a separation between Israel and the church – scriptures which were written exclusively to Israel do not apply to the church today, and scriptures written to the church do not apply to Israel. The church today is not “spiritual Israel”, and cannot claim promises which the Lord made to Israel alone (such as His promise to give Israel an earthly kingdom; see Mt. 5:5, in which the Lord quoted from Psalms 37:11; see also Deut. 28:1 and Zech. 14:17). Even though non-Dispensationalists also admit that certain Old Testament commandments no longer apply to believers today (such as the Old Testament sacrifices and dietary laws), these non-Dispensationalists do not go so far as to separate the church today from Israel.