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3 or 4 step approach? 3, 4 or 5 Step Approach?

CHOOSING THE APPROACH type for a new bowler depends upon their natural abilities. The 3-step is the easiest to learn, so it could be best when teaching a bowler who may not be very athletic. The 3-step has its limitations in that the bowler does not have time to get the armswing to its maximum length. Also, the 3-step has less momentum, which does not allow the bowler to create ball speed.

I prefer the 4-step approach for a new bowler, knowing that it could be changed to the 5-step without great difficulty. The reason the 4-step is preferable is the simplicity in the arm and footwork movement. Four steps synchronize with four positions of the armswing (out, down, back and forward), and allow the bowler’s pendulum armswing to complete its back and forward swing movement. These four steps give the bowler momentum, which is transferred to the ball at the release for more speed than you would get with the 3-step.

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Right foot and right elbow start at the same time.

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Straighter better on spares. Learn to throw it straight to be a better spare player.

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Power stroker?

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